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In 2012, Unitata Berhad appointed GoodWindWater Enterprises Limited its exclusive Wholesale Trade Agent for Canada. Canadian corporations can now source red palm oil (RPO), tea tree oil (TTO), and virgin coconut oil (VCO) through GoodWindWater. Elsewhere, Unitata’s well-known niche products are used and traded within and across the supply chains of international companies in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Unitata sources palm oil directly from its parent company, United Plantations. In September 2008, the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil, www.rspo.org awarded United Plantations as the world’s first certified sustainable oil palm plantation. To meet the growing expectations of sustainable palm and palm kernel oils, Unitata became Supply Chain Certified in 2010. Companies sourcing palm oil products from Unitata can be assured of their traceability and transparency.

The fruitlet of the oil palm is the world’s richest source of natural Carotenoids (pro Vitamin A), Tocopherols, and Tocotrienols (Vitamin E).  Red palm oil is produced by using a mild refining process ensuring that most of the inherent vitamins A & E are preserved in the oil. The rich source of beta-carotenes gives the oil its unique and beautiful red colour.

“Nutrolein” is an ideal cooking oil. It is great for salads and well suited for high-heat frying and baking. Nutrolein is 100% natural and pure, non-GMO, cholesterol free, and zero trans-fat. One tablespoon of Nutrolein meets the USDA recommended daily dosage of Vitamin A & E. Additionally, the Swiss Vitamin Institute endorsed Nutrolein for its high content of carotenes and Vitamin E. Red palm oil is indeed an affordable nutritional supplement.

Research Project: Evaluating global barriers to the use of red palm oil as an intervention food to prevent vitamin A deficiency (March 22, 2012 Citation: Burri, B.J. 2012)


Although it is not genetically modified, the oil palm is surprisingly very productive. It can yield one tonne of hexane-free palm oil utilizing only 0.26 hectares of land. To achieve the same yield, the soybean requires 2.22 hectares, the sunflower 2.0, and the rapeseed 1.52 hectares. Not too many people realize that this super-efficient tropical non-GMO oil palm is now providing about 30% of the dietary fat requirement of the world’s population while utilizing less than 1% of the Earth’s total cultivated land resources.


We welcome trade inquiries from Canadian companies interested in any of the products:Red palm oil (5 brands): Nutrolein, NutroPalm, NutroOlive, NutroFry and NutroBake.
Tea tree oil: Magic Touch.
Virgin Coconut Oil: NutroCoco.

Subject to limited quantity order, price quotes to Canadian companies (including Private Labelling) are all wholesale export prices ─ normally in U.S. $, F.O.B. Port Klang, Malaysia. All transactions are B2B (conducted directly between Unitata Berhad and the Canadian Buyer/s).

For individuals interested in cooking with red palm oil ─ the FIRSt (Food Innovation and Research Studio) team at the George Brown College has developed some recipes for you. Have fun cooking with a beautiful red oil that is rich with vitamins A&E, and enjoy the challenges of consistency, texture, taste, colour, and yield.  Red palm oil is Mother Nature’s gift for all chefs to innovate, formulate, and enrich our diet.

NOTE: If you cannot find red palm oil on sale in Canada presently, we hope our RPO products will be at your pharmacies, stores, and supermarkets soon.


GoodWindWater operates under the NAICS classification # 419120 North American Industry Classification (NAICS) 2007

419120 Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers US
This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in buying and/or selling products, owned by others, on a commission basis. These establishments may be known as commission merchants, import agents or brokers, export agents or brokers, manufacturers’ agents, purchasing agents, selling agents, and they may deal in any type of product. These establishments usually bring sellers and buyers together or undertake commercial transactions on behalf of a principal, without taking title of the goods bought or sold
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